School Policy for Holidays in Term Time:      

Holidays in term time (Word Document)

                  Penalty Notices:

                   Penalty Notices – Advice leaflet for Parents and Carers (Word Document)

Homework Policy:

Homework Policy 2015 (Word Document)

Lettings and Charging Policy:

Lettings and Charging Policy 2015 (Word Document)

Behaviour Policy:      

Behaviour Policy (Adobe Reader Document)

Confidential Reporting Code:    

Confidential Reporting Code  (Word Document)

Complaints Procedure:

Complaints Procedure (Word Document)

Drinking Water Policy:

Drinking Water Policy  (Word Document)

Anti Bullying Policy:

Anti Bullying Policy (Word Document)

SEN Policy:

SEN Policy (Word Document)

Private Fostering Policy:

Private Fostering Policy (Word Document)

Equality Policy:

Equality Policy (Adobe Reader Document)